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Benefitting Students of Queen Bee Elementary District 16

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If you are a strong supporter of public education in general, and the Queen Bee School District in particular, we are looking for a couple of people with a few hours available each month and lots of ideas.  The QBEF has vacancies on its Board of Directors, and we need people who are interested in helping our schools do even better by providing more resources to them.  It's not necessary for you to have kids in school or have any special training; we just need people who are committed to public education and are willing to roll up their sleeves to help. 

If you're interested, send us an email
(info @ qbef.org) explaining why you'd like to be considered for the Board!

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The QBEF plans great things for Queen Bee School District students, staff, and parents.

This is the place to find out what's happening and for you to communicate with us.

Our Mission:     Queen Bee Educational Foundation is a non-profit foundation established to provide services to and serve as a vehicle for soliciting, receiving and allocating gifts, grants and bequests of money, property or services, all in order to promote a culture of academic excellence for the benefit of the students of  Queen Bee Elementary District 16.  The QBEF works with community organizations, such as parent/teacher organizations, teacher organizations, civic/service clubs, student organizations and municipal agencies.
Our Purpose:     The QBEF serves two primary purposes:  (1) sponsors fund-raising activities in the community to support educational programs in District 16 ; and (2) creates sub-funds for recognized tax-exempt school support groups such as PTOs and PTAs.  Sub-funds are created at the discretion of the QBEFs Board of Directors, upon request of the recognized school support group.  Such funds will enable individuals and organizations to make tax-exempt contributions to the school support group via the Foundation.

For information, contact us at the address above or click here to send an email to us

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The Queen Bee Educational Foundation is a 501(3)(c) charitable organization.  Contributions to QBEF are tax deductible.
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